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                                Kiddush Meal & Holy Work


At this time, Kiddush lunch services have been suspended due to Covid-19. Please check back for updates on resuming kiddush lunch

The sense of sacred in Jewish life is based on the ancient models of worship that existed in the ancient Holy Temple of Jerusalem. That ancient biblical cult did not survive but their ideas about worship and spirituality have infused our modern Jewish sensibilities. For example, much of the Siddur (prayerbook) is a translation of temple rituals into poetry, song and prayer. 

One component of the ancient worship system that remains is the Seudah or Meal that follows our worship and life cycle events. The meal is integral to the prayer service! It is not simply a time for socialization or for satisfying our hunger. The kiddish lunch is actually a holy event just like the reading of the Torah is a holy event. When we gather in the synagogue for a meal following services we are completing the holy act that began in the sanctuary with prayer. 

There is a special Birkat Hamazon (Grace after Meals) that is said on shabbat and holidays as well as special sections for important life cycle events. These special blessings underscore the concept that the food we are eating at this time is holy, consecrated and every bit as important to our sense of spirituality as the service that takes place in the sanctuary. This is the reason that our commitment to observance of Jewish law in the kitchen with regards to Kashrut (kosher) and Shabbat (sabbath observance) are integral to providing our congregants with not just a tasty meal but one that is fully imbued with the sacred ideals of Torah.

Your work in the kitchen of Congregation B'nai Israel is holy work. Thank you for your commitment and effort to allow our community to grow spiritually together. May you be blessed and strengthened in this mitzvah.

 - Rabbi David Kaiman -


Sun, October 24 2021 18 Cheshvan 5782