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2nd-7th Grade

Second - Seventh Grade Curriculum

Our goals for the second through seventh grade classes are to develop the fundamentals of their Hebrew school study through more intensive learning of Torah, Hebrew, prayer and Jewish ritual. Students will learn through a variety of activities that include text and media study, song, art, cooking and educational games.

Each student will work individually online during the week with one of our teachers, and these lessons will consist of intensive Hebrew/prayer study through the Mitkadem program (scroll down for more information).

Expectations for the younger Elementary students:

  • learn to write Hebrew letters in both block and cursive style
  • begin learning Hebrew vowels and grammar
  • be introduced to basic Hebrew reading skills
  • develop their understanding of the basic Mitzvot
  • be familiar with the meaning and importance of the Ten Commandments
  • continue the study of Torah stories and Jewish holidays in more depth
  • learn about the country of Israel and their relationship to it through music, food, and stories

Once a student has covered the above, they will begin their intensive Hebrew and Prayer study. The higher Mitkadem program builds on the core knowledge of the levels before and prepares students to complete their study toward the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. 

Expectations for older elementary group:

  • build on previous study of Torah and Hebrew
  • develop familiarity with the siddur
  • be introduced to basic Hebrew grammar
  • be able to read basic prayers for Shabbat, blessings over food
  • learn about family and community relationships and what we can learn from them about creating an ethical society
  • learn about the Jewish people's partnership with God (Brit, covenant)
  • learn about Jewish communities throughout the world
  • develop a more complex understanding of the land and culture of Israel

Mitkadem: Our Hebrew Language and Prayer Curriculum

Beginning in 2nd grade, Chavaya students are introduced to the Mitkadem program to develop their Hebrew and prayer study. Mitkadem is a self-paced Hebrew prayer and ritual program designed to empower every child to learn Hebrew. The Mitkadem program consists of 23 levels that introduce grammar, vocabulary and reading. Students will work individually with a teacher to move through the different levels at a pace that works for them. This ensures the students truly comprehend the materials and feel confident with the lessons before moving forward.

Different from traditional textbooks, every ramah includes several booklets with five categories of activities:

  1. Hakdamah – Introductory activities that set the stage for the theme of each prayer and related activities. These serve as an “advanced organizer” for the unit and must be completed before moving to the remaining activities.
  1. K’riah – Reading activities that drill decoding skills, fluent reading of the prayer, and if appropriate, chanting of the prayer.
  1. Otzar Milim – Vocabulary activities drill key words and important phrases found within the prayer.
  1. Dikduk – Grammar activities teach and have students use roots, prefixes, and suffixes found within the prayer.
  1. Divrei T’filah – Activities emphasize concepts and critical thinking skills. In this section, students delve into the theological and philosophical ideology expressed in Jewish liturgy.
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