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B'nai Israel Community Day School

....learners today, leaders tomorrow!


About Our Program

B’nai Israel Community Day School was founded in 1973 by a group of parents committed to a full-week Jewish education. Since its opening, it has grown from a small elementary school adding a part-time preschool and then in 2003 adding an Infant and Toddler program and a full-time preschool program. 

B’nai Israel Community Day School’s mission is to foster a safe and warm environment with an emphasis on Jewish character values to cultivate the next generation’s community leaders. We are committed to providing a customized education –academically, physically, and emotionally – to create a lifelong love of learning.

The philosophy of the school encourages exposing children to many activities throughout the day allowing them to learn what their preferences are as they grow and develop. Throughout the day, children experience yoga, sing-a-longs, outdoor gardening, Judaics, messy play, computers, time with the B'nai Israel Seniors group, circle time, nature walks, playground time, cooking and more.

Curriculum Designed for a Well Rounded Child


TEVA: Outdoor Environmental Program

Nature is an important emphasis at our school. Beginning at Two years old, classes receive 30 minutes of Teva (Gardening) every day. The students take part in helping grow vegetables, spices, fruits, and flowers in our garden beds. We also have chickens, fish, and rabbits on campus that the students help care for. Our Teva classes also include lessons on pollution, recycling, habitats, and so many more environmental studies. We hope to raise a generation that cares for our world and practices the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam (Repair the World).

TALMUD TORAH: Jewish Studies

Beginning at Two years old, Jewish studies, values, and the basics of the Hebrew language are woven into each weekly lesson plan. Our teachers are equipped with a Judaics curriculum, provided by our Synagogue's Rabbi and leaders. Every Friday, our entire school gathers in the Synagogue to join together in the celebration of Shabbat. During our Shabbat program the students engage in giving Tzedakah, singing songs, and saying the Blessings.


TIFERET: Fine Arts

Our students engage in various activities of the fine arts that include art, yoga, dance, and music. We believe that art, in it's many forms, helps expand a child's abilities to interact with the environment around them, along with providing them with a wide set of skills and creative expression.




TIKKUN OLAM: Civic Involvement

We take the task of raising the next generation of community leaders very seriously. Throughout the year, our school participates in various charity drives. Every Friday, our students participate in giving Tzedakah (charitable giving) as part of our Shabbat program.  We have also partnered with Peaceful Paths as ongoing part of our civic involvement in the Gainesville community.


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